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Bouda – Life Coach

We all pursue a happy, balanced, healthy, joyful, purposeful and prosperous life. Quite often, however, we face challenges and obstacles that stop us and make us feeling stuck and hopeless. Some years ago I experienced a number of these challenges simultaneously including health, career, family and relationship problems! Instead of staying there, I decided to change aspects of my life and grow! With right support and proper training, I successfully overcame all the challenges and became a Life Coach myself! If you are in the same situation as I was, I can assure you by all means that you can easily and quickly get out of this situation with the support and expertise that I provide to you. You are here, which means that you are very serious in taking your steps forward. I am here to support you from the very first steps of making decisions, planning, execution and achieving amazing results!

Go ahead and get in touch; I assure you that with the specialised and unconditional supports you will receive from me, you will achieve your goals and dreams within a short time. I will be beside you as your Life Coach and we will face the challenges and enjoy the process together!

I Can Help You In Different Situations



Helping you in various stages of your life to achieve your career, educational, personal and business goals is my passion


I am particularly specialised and experienced in overturning health, physical and mental challenges and make them opportunities


A balance between many aspects of our lives is crucial to arrive at internal peace and increase our welfare that is what I will teach you


Healthy, happy and lively private and social relationships is a fundamental component of a prosperous life that I will help you to achieve

See Clearly Live Powerfully


The first step of overcoming your challenges is evaluating our situation and identifying the areas that we would like to improve. The second step is to set our smart goals and identify our achievable and realistic milestones. The thirds step is planning and the fourth is execution and achieving results. I am here to provide you with the right support, scientific and proven guidelines and also my personal experiences in harmonising these four steps in you to achieve extra ordinary results and clearly live powerfully!

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Four Steps to Your Success


Contact Me

Just go ahead and contact me via phone, skype or email and briefly explain your challenges and goals

Make an Appointment

I will then get back to you with suggestions for a suitable date and time for both of us to have a first consultation session that will be absolutely FREE

I will Analyze Your Profile

In our session and afterwards I will analyse your profile and will design a proposal that is tailored to your specific challenges and goals

Apply Changes

Once we agree about the proposal and the terms of our coaching relationship we start our amazing journey together!

Don’t let your Life Down

We only have one life and we are all full of talents and capabilities. Nothing can stop us to design our life in the way that makes us an absolutely happy and healthy person in the society.

So please do not let your life down! If you face specific challenges or if you want to step up and increase the quality and standard of your life, please get in touch and I will do my best to help you achieving your goals. I am here to serve and I will be delighted to know you and start our coaching journey!

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